Fruits and vegetables have a crucial role in our diet and human life, and therefore the demand for such important food commodities has increased very significantly as a result of the growing world population and the changing dietary habits, Higher production and growth, and the lack of proper handling methods and infrastructure, have led to huge losses and waste of these important food commodities, as well as their components and by‐products and residues as also the demand for having perfectly shaped fruits and vegetables, but with 15% of wastes daily from both supermarkets and farmers but fruit and vegetable losses and waste do not represent only the wasting of food commodities, but also indirectly include wasting of critical resources such as land, water, fertilizers, chemicals, energy, and labor.

That why in Fooditive® we took this challenge and decided to covnert all those wastes and any other wastes like peels to extract high quality and natural additives.

in Fooditive® we mixed all the challenges of fruit and vegetables wastes, chemical additives and bitter and artificial sweeteners, and high prices, so we come up with our own high inactive formals and process to create world first natural, zero chemical additives that is healthy and no harm to anyone.


Giving back to the environment is our aim, not only by buying the fruit and vegetables wastes but also by any waste the company to produce from the additives will produce soil to return it back to the farm, aiming for healthy sustainable farms.

Farmers and Supermarkts impact:

Happy farmers are always aim for us, buying their daily waste to create sweetness, additives, thinking agents and emulsifiers that’s contain zero chemicals made them feel good and give them more financial security. our company buys the waste in very good prices, in the past farmers used to throw the ugly or damages fruits and vegetables and that used to make them lose money. - Supermarket and there aim of sustainability, buying the daily wastes of supermarket have led supermarket to sponsor and support those additives and alcohol as it was there way of saving and recycling - From the farm back to the farm concept (Our waste from those products used to go to soil producers to produce 100% natural soil and we supply it the farmers for very small amount of money to let them grow their farms in most efficient and natural way).