Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Our vision – For a cleaner world – defines our ambition to move towards a low-emission energy system and optimal resource efficiency . Our main tools in climate change mitigation are using high system to recycle all fruits and vegetables to produce Fooditive as also increasing renewable energy production, improving energy efficiency in our machines and production.

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By circular economy we mean that fruits and vegetables are utilized as efficiently as possible are removed from circulation . We also recover by-products and wastes generated in energy production whenever possible . Our circular economy business will be only way of believes to give back to ourselves and additives . Fooditive receives and processes fruits and vegetables and recovers for use in making healthy natural additives with zero chemicals.

As we seek to drive the change towards a cleaner tomorrow which is reflected in the economic, social and environmental responsibility of our operations.

Soil Production

we believe in high quality and to maintain the control of fruit and vegetables stages, we will be producing natural soil to give back to the farmers, creating 100% circular economy is our aim and we will reach it in fruits and vegetables, energy and soil production.