About us


Describes best what 7th Circle is today. Started early 2018, 7th Circle is in real the offspring of a wide range of creative culinary concepts that have been developed and patented since 2010, now ready to be pitched, marketed or sold. With the founder of our organization born in Amman, Jordan, the name has a strong reference to the area in Amman where most innovative companies are located: around the 7th circle! Furthermore, the significance of the number 7 is represented by the 7 pillars we built our creative processes on. Our mission is to develop concepts leading to products that are sustainable, friendly to our environment, innovative beyond the imagination, fair to produce, attractive to sell, healthy to consume and fun to share.


77th Circle BV was founded in 2018 by a Moayad Abushokhedim, with the aim of changing the world and making it a better place for us. For now, and in the future. Ensuring the highest possible standards for quality control and food safety drives everything we do. At 7th Circle, our efforts are ongoing to improve extraction and blending processes, using fruits and vegetables ‘waste’ is what drives us and makes us happy. We extend our research and development expertise to our customers. Throughout the entire product development and production processes, we are dedicated to working with our customers for mutual success and ultimately, ‘pure’ consumer satisfaction.


As the world’s first producer of 100% natural sweeteners and additives, extracted from recycled fruits and vegetables, we are committed to deliver the food industry the most honest additives they can get. With Fooditive® we deliver our promise to create and maintain health – for our customers and our fellow citizens, but also for the planet we are so happy to share. By reducing waste, we underline our commitment to People and Planet, by our unique expertise we deliver our shareholders healthy return on investment.